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ARENA Energy Consulting provides specialised Consultancy, Advisory and Educational services. Our key mission is helping our clients navigate the complexities of the energy sector.

We specialise in Embedded Network Consulting Services including Embedded Network Management Contract Reviews, Utility Bill ‘Health Checks’ and Embedded Network Management Contract Tendering for Electricity, Hot Water, Gas & Air Conditioning Embedded Utilities.

Our unique positioning is our ability to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs. This is supported by the depth of experience and comprehensive commercial acumen of our leadership team. Enabling us to provide easy to understand, catered and custom bespoke solutions that will address our clients’ needs, complexities and budgets.

We take pride and care in everything we do, and over decades of consistent service, support and approach, we have developed a solid reputation, and trusted relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers and industry participants alike.

ARENA is proud to support the Strata Community Association and the Owners Corporation Network of Australia. We are a signatory to The Energy Charter’s National Customer Code, and our Managing Director was appointed as a founding Customer Council Code Member.

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