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Evotters is a strata voting system that can be used for strata and corporate meeting voting. We help our clients conduct secure, efficient, and transparent online voting for their meetings. Whether you need to vote on budgets, bylaws, resolutions, or elections, we have the solution for you. Evotters is easy to use, affordable, and compliant with the AU & NZ laws and regulations. You can create and customize your ballots, invite and verify your voters, and monitor and report your results. You can also integrate Evotters with your existing meeting software, such as Zoom, Teams, or Webex. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We also offer free demos and trials to help you get started. Evotters is more than just a strata voting system. It is a smart way to make your meetings more productive and engaging.

• The most feasible and affordable Strata Voting Software that compliments lot owners to attend meeting virtually as well as to Strata Managers to conduct voting online.
• eVotters is perfectly user friendly and environment friendly option. Using eVotters as online voting platform you can save lot of time on paper work that will help us to save more trees.
• We will provide you the platform, where it would be easy for you to create meeting from scratch, generate meeting agenda and issue minutes.
• Ease of creating meeting: Our experts tried to find the best solution for better user experience by performing different test cases. They are constantly working to improve the user experience and satisfaction.
• Ease of creating meeting agendas: Creating meeting agendas is the issue with managers before meeting. Collecting agendas and put them on paper in order, alteration in paperwork need lot of time. We make that easy for the managers.
• Ease of email notices: eVotters will help you to manage the voters and easy to track the email not

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