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We are an engineering consulting firm of qualified engineers specialising in remedial, structural and all things surrounding the existing built environment. Our vision is to assist asset owners with mitigating the risks associated with and extending the life of their building/structures. We work closely with reputable industry leading remedial builders to implement solutions which achieve effective and favourable outcomes for asset owners.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of diagnosing defects and as such, we strive to prepare remedial designs and solutions using an engineering approach centred on root cause analysis, rather than assumptions. Our passionate team has extensive engineering experience working in both design and remedial projects. Better yet, we understand the importance of communication and set ourselves apart by keeping the client and all relevant stakeholders informed throughout the entire project, ensuring all aspects are holistically considered so as to alleviate any surprises.

Our Mission

We know your asset and its place in this world is special and we hold ourselves to a high standard, not only formulating solutions that work, but also work to complement our environment, not ruin it, making sustainability one of the primary focuses of our business.


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