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Palmer Acoustics services offers acoustic engineering across a wide range of industry sectors and project types. We engineer to provide the highest quality of acoustic amenity necessary for the effective performance of spaces to achieve good levels of acoustic comfort, privacy, and speech intelligibility. We provide services from inception to completion with expert and experienced acoustic consultants who use the up-to-date computer analysis and modeling software together with the testing, measuring, and data collection equipment.

The design of theatres, cinemas, mosques, lecture halls, opera houses, and specialist spaces ensures high levels of speech intelligibility and appropriate reverberation levels. We provide:

  • Internal space acoustic planning
  • Sound isolation from external noise sources
  • Control of reverberant noise build-up
  • Speech privacy and intelligibility modeling and testing
  • Building transportation noise and vibration control
  • Mechanical plant and equipment noise containment
  • Building Code and Green Star compliance
  • Sound Systems Design
  • Fire Evacuation Alarm acoustic design
  • Audio Visual Systems.

Our works include:

  • Architectural and Building Acoustics
  • Residential buildings-apartments, hotels, and resorts
  • Casinos and gaming venues
  • Exhibition and Convention Centres
  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and public gathering places
  • Large Auditoria, Theatres, Places of Worship
  • Performing Arts Theatres, Cinemas, Concert Halls
  • Large Sporting and Multi-Purpose Venues
  • Universities and Schools
  • Broadcasting and Film Studios
  • Data Centres, Call Centres
  • Hospitals and Medical facilities.

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