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Quantum United Management is an owners corporation management and consulting company that specialises in the management of large scale residential communites. Our expertise and knowledge in this area has assisted many committees and members of large communities.
We offer pre-development consultation and planning to help bring together all elements needed to build connected communities by firstly connecting with the owners goals, values and their vision for their future community.
Our management solution is based around five key pillars being:
– Business and Administration;
– Asset Management;
– Governance & Compliance;
– Community; and
– Community.
For committees and members, Quantum’s underpinning Team Values of Connection, Communication, Education& Leadership, Focus & Commitment and Being Awesome drives strong ties between owners and residents, enabling their communities to thrive as a collective unit. Our vision is ‘to create vibrant and connected communites’ where people connect, communicate and learn.
If you’re looking for an innovative way to integrate community management practices into your community or want to take your community management in a new direction, then get in touch today!


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