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StrataPoint is an independent and locally based Strata Management service. Our goals are clearly demonstrated by our unique management approach, namely, to cap the size of our property portfolio allowing an increased level of service and support specific to our customer’s needs.

At StrataPoint we understand that regular communication is essential for lot owners to build trust and confidence in their management company. Keeping the number of properties within our portfolio to a serviceable level will allow us the time for prompt communication, service and greater attention to specific requirements. This assists in building a strong working rapport with our customers.

Our boutique management style helps us become familiar with the property itself as we can arrange regular visits. This is essential for effective management. We take the time to meet with lot owners on site to determine how we can best manage their investment.

Our experience with a range of property types, including challenging lot owners or residents, allows us to provide advice and recommendations on anything to do with strata management.

As part of our flexible management style, we can conduct on site AGMs for the convenience of the members. We are also happy to hold these meetings after hours Mon-Fri if there is no other option.

We also provide an online service to all our owners. At any time, members can view a variety of property related information specific to their Owners Corporation including but not limited to bank statements, income and expenditure statements, insurance details, owner ledgers etc…. Via our online portal, our lot owners can enjoy hassle free access to current information or necessary direction from their manager. Our owners can even pay their levies on the go via the portal phone app.

StrataPoint are not restricted to a particular territory as we currently manage OCs in and around Melbourne. This is our 8th year in the industry and we look forward to enjoying many more.


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